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A New Journey

A new course brings with it new adventure. New things to learn, places to discover and different ways to look at old things and different ways of seeing ,that show new things.

The course hasn’t yet arrived but since completing Creative Concepts I have turned my attention to the landscape.

  • While in Scotland I visited several exhibitions and have started a scrapbook for this course, gathering together leaflets, exhibitions, photos, postcards and anything to do with the course.
  • I have been noting down ideas that I get. I find it’s important to write down any idea that flitters through the mind.
  • My former tutor said it was a good idea to start a sketchbook making a note of books read, exhibitions visited, art admired, anything on or off the art spectrum.

Things I want to explore with this course

  • Aim to challenge myself. Stray away from the norm. Make each assignment unique.
  • Investigate how to photograph a landscape that everyone else has and how to make it different.
  • Think of how many different ways the same place can be shot.
  • How each style of photography differs to convey different stories.
  • How a landscape photo doesn’t have to be just a photo but can be all sorts from 3D photo replicas to a mix of watercolour or needle felt (with photography incorporated)
  • To explore outside the boundaries of landscape photography, psychology, poetry, fiction, theology, philosophy.
  • The mythology of the landscape, how fables are wrapped around the geographical features. Giants Causeway made by giants, a monster lurking underneath Mount Snowdon.
  • How a landscape isn’t just a generic photo of a place. Find how it can convey more.

Below is some of my Landscape photography.