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Tutor Feedback beginning Assignment Three

As aforementioned, my tutor suggested presenting my assignment work as an initial idea as opposed to a completed assignment as it would be approached like that in Universities. I sent some written work, ideas for the assignment and two photos and we spoke on the phone about it.

This is a way I would love to approach assignments in future. Having ideas instead of a completed assignment was so refreshing. We spoke about artists to reference, ideas to explore. As the main emphasis on the assignment is the written work he suggested several photographers who used text in their captions. He also recommended some amendments to change in the written work. “Don’t write ‘it’s a rough draft’, I know you work hard.” “Change ‘my personal opinion is’ to ‘my understanding of place is.”


Artists to research in regards to typography and presentation

Victor Bergens – Willie Doherty  – Les Monaghan (my tutor) – John Kippins

Karen Norse – Barbara Kruger – Ken Lum – Julien Waring – 

Bates, Balls and Barr

I asked around on the OCA photography Facebook page and was recommended to look at the work of

Georges Perec – An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris – Tom Wood – Roni Horns ‘ Another Water’ – Sophie Calle (who sparked the idea for the assignment)

I mentioned how I often found it hard to find certain photographers or artists to reference against my own work. He recommended finding one such artist and then researching their CV, who had they had a gallery with, who was their agent, what other artists did they present. The most helpful piece of advice he said was that you couldn’t just google the artists or read generic photography books, you needed to focus your assignment on one theory such as psychogeography, in my case, and then find the top names in psychogeography. As when it comes to assessment they will look at your work and think ‘That’s psychogeography, why didn’t they reference X and X.”

This made so much sense to me and I found it so helpful.

To Do

  • Find an article on whether words or images are more powerful.
  • He recommended seeing how the Snippets assignment looked like in different languages such as Vietnamese.
  • Les liked the idea of experimenting capturing Snippets at different places such as Blackpool seafront as opposed to quiet Lytham so I will go ahead with this.
  • Remove the capitals and experiment with different fonts. He put the emphasis on ‘lots of fonts.’