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Exercise 2.5: Text in art

In a similar manner to Richard Long’s ‘textworks’ (see, write down 12 – 24 brief observations during a short walk or journey by some means of transport. This may be the journey you intend to make for Assignment Two, or it may be a different one. You don’t need to take any photographs.

Consider how you might present your observations.

Richard Long’s textworks were surprisingly miminalistic. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, perhaps some poetic stanzas, some sketches of the walk. However the writing were quite basic. At first I didn’t quite see the art in them. I could feel a sense of the place, the feeling of a gap in the rain and the triumph at that. It seemed more a note to self, a passing observation.

Textwork by Richard Long

But I found myself smiling when I clicked on the heading of ‘A cloudless walk’

Textwork by Richard Long

Something so simple as being on a blue background is visually beautiful, gives a pleasant feeling as you connect the images to the background and sum up the words.

To go even more abstract I created the following images as an abstract way of viewing elements in a day. These simple colours and shapes create the feeling of the day described. Photography could be used to create the same thing and it was rather fun to create something quickly.

A Cloudless Walk

Untitled design

 A Rainy Day

Untitled design-2
A Rainy day –

The more I looked at his written works there were some that appealed more than others, some seemed more general statements whereas others brushed into poetry. I, in particular, enjoyed this one. It’s still much like a statement, but it serves as illustrations in a book. It even gives the viewer/reader a feeling of his incentive to place the cairns. I can feel myself itching to draw the images.


Walk of Seven Cairns by Richard Long


For this exercise, I thought of my ongoing personal project/Assignment Six Plan B ‘Snippets‘ using the snippets of the discourse of the area taken over a period of twenty minutes to show the psychogeograpy and a sense of place.

Ohh that you remember, there was such a hoo ha it went

With that in mind, I went to sit on the seafront and capture the Snippets. It was a darker day than last time and this is reflected in the conversation of twenty minutes, there isn’t much discourse, very few people. I myself know the age group of the people who were there but I wonder whether viewers can tell that. It would be interesting to hear any thoughts. I  feel very touched by the two friends discussing the betrayal of another friend, ‘you’ve been a friend seventy years and been a friend more than anyone else.” It’s so fascinating getting a glimpse into these people’s lives, learning a bit of their story, of what their thinking, what they choose to share with others, the amusing, the moving, the sad. It’s humanity playing out through these images.

Ohh that you remember, there was such a hoo ha it went

I’m loving this project the way you can capture the feeling of the place. Without the image could you guess the weather, the season. Whether people are talking about ice creams or muttering about the cold. I also feel the way in which I placed the writing gives a sense of a time-lapse of people rushing by, leaving behind just snippets and echoes of their lives.