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Bookcase – Preston Library

As the library I’ve always relied on has been shut down by the government (much to the outrage of the residents) I travelled to Preston library today to amass some books on photography. The building towers over you, spending most of my childhood in a little village in the countryside in Scotland I still can’t quite get over the size of some buildings, especially when I go into the city. The photography section had shrunk considerably and I couldn’t find any books on the course reading list but I found some really interesting books which I’m looking forward to reading. I will review them in later blog posts or refer to them where necessary and at the end of this course I’ll create a blog post called ‘Bookcase’ with thumbnails of all the books I’ve read and my comments, reviews or links.

A really interesting book, a lot of the images give a physical jolt of shock and a deep feeling of sadness at the state of the world. Very emotional the fact that most of the photos you must know depict some great tragedy or drama, there is very little light in this book. 
At a glance very powerful images, the one I felt very poignant was a watch, frozen in time at the very moment the Hiroshima bomb was stopped.  


Very interested to learn about the lives behind the people who revolutionised photography. 


More a relaxing book but the landscape photography is stunning and inspiring to see the way in which the same view can appear differently with different photographers behind it.