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Meeting my tutor

To start the course I skyped my tutor Les Dawson. It is only since Creative Film Concepts that I have been involved with Skype and the course. Beginning Art of Photography I was offered the chance to Skype but I was a lot different back then and was too shy. Since People and Place my confidence has really come on (how could it not when you have to ask strangers if you can photograph them)

I find it so motivating to be able to talk face to face to my tutor, talking about ideas, what I want from the course and our own interests. It was more like a friendly chat as we discussed his own work and upcoming projects and a possible plan to attend his exhibition next year,

I told him about a possible idea for an upcoming assignment and he told me to write a few ideas down here on the blog.

We also realised our ideas on myth and photography were slightly divergent to each other. Whilst my thoughts were on the myths of how our landscape was formed, such as a giant on Snowdon, Les’s were more on the myth of our world, such as ‘we are a free country,’ ‘we have free will to do what we want’ and the irony of such statements. It was good to make that clear but he said he was interested that I was interested in mythology.

Some of his comments regarding landscape were

  • Landscape doesn’t exist without people. It’s in our mind. It exists in people’s heads.
  • We come from the forests, it’s the place we come from but also the place where we store our fears. (this especially interests me and is something I want to look further into)

He also said to begin with he would let me find references for myself but did recommend the book ‘The Ongoing moment’ by Jeff Dyers which he said is very entertaining and informative to read. It’s one guys muses on photography, but a very intelligently informed response. I will order the books from the recommended reading list whilst going to the city library near us.

Regarding my learning log he said I’d make a good start, I had connections straight away, something to go back to, I was thinking about things and writing about it, reflecting. When you’re writing you’re learning.

Next time we Skype will be after submitting Assignment One.