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Land Art v Assignment Two

“What’s that sound?” Mum said to me.

“Oh I’m just watching a video of someone throwing mud at a wall.”

Joking aside, the art creation of the River Avon Mud Circle was very interesting, it was fascinating to see how the artist, Richard Long, created a vision of their walk using actual elements found along the way, in this case, the watered down mud. It was a collaboration between man and nature, the mud was the material and the essence of the art whilst man swirled his fingers creating patterns that echoed the Celtic past and also reflected the walk taken, the swirling lines like pathways through the river Avon. It’s a story of walking, a story of art, and a story between the collaboration of man and nature, showing how we interlink and can live harmoniously at peace with one another.

I love the idea of art, nature and photography all coming together in one image, perhaps with Assignment Two, I could use my passion as an artist to bring something to the images. Should I stick just to the abstract images of the river or should I somehow include land art? The issue is, my tutor pointed out in Assignment One that there were too many themes and when we broke it down we could see there were leads for several other projects, witches fingers, moving images, Rorschach blots. So I am wary to say, create a journal blending photography, art and land art. Maybe I could create a mix of zentangle somehow. I can see this image I captured below being infused with art somehow, perhaps to show the patterns. I am returning there at some point and the more I think about it the more I want to stick to the 80mm lens. I don’t want to include wide images, I want the abstract, the art that captures the sensation, the photographic onomatopoeia of the river and not just a mirror image. Franco Fontana said once, ” “This is an ‘objective’ photograph, it is basically a mirror. Who photographs reality captures nothing. You must re-invent, re-enact reality to make it a new one.

Photo by myself 


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