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Diverting away from my studies for a moment I want to share a rather remarkable event that happened to me yesterday. As I’ve been discussing and writing on my blog at first with this unit I found I was losing the joy of photography something that deeply upset me, it turned out it was something many students find at degree level and finding ways to retain the fun is all part of the journey.

I’m pleased to say my joy of photography was only distant for a few weeks and is back stronger than ever. Some of this is due to just getting out there with my camera, taking photos for the sheer joy of it. The lavender bush in our garden is absolutely thriving with bees, I just love to sit and watch them zipping all over the garden, the sun catching their bulging pollen bags. Every evening in the golden hour I go and sit there photographing the bees. I’ve been experimenting with a variety of lenses, the 80mm was great but the manual focus was a little stiff. The 50mm lens ensured I was immersed in their world and perhaps a little too close.


In the last unit, Digital Film Production, I created a short documentary entitled Tiny Cities. I would love to continue with this somehow.

I came across a bee that had run out of energy and was resting on the pavement. It was while I was tempting it with some fresh lavender and being warned away by its skinny legs that an elderly man cycled by. I didn’t know him and it turned out he lived just a few roads away. He told me about his camera lenses, “I’ve got a telephoto.”
“Aw wow! Lucky you,” I said. ”

“You can borrow it!” he said matter of factly.

I was completely taken off guard! “But you don’t even know me!” I blurted out. Twenty minutes later he’d handed over his 70-300mm lens. It’s a lens I don’t own and I am so excited to use it. I still can’t believe it but I am so grateful.  It definitely felt like a sign.



Hi, I'm ChloeClik, artist, writer, photographer, musician, day dreamer and all round lover of life. I love so much in life and equally love to blog about it. I hope you enjoy sharing some of my adventures with me :)

10 thoughts on “Kindness

      1. Ohh awesome! Good luck. I just adore bees (Mum has even bought me a bee jumper now) I just find them so fascinating and lovable, it makes me so happy to photograph them. Have you posted your photo anywhere?

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      2. Hi, just a quick message to say I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your email. Something’s up with my OCA email and I can’t access my email. It’s being sorted but I want you to know I didn’t just not reply! I’m very sorry for you.

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