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Off the Map – personal project.


The journey for Exercise 2.2 Explore a Road, led me down a path I hadn’t visited before, it was exciting and fresh and the majority of the photos were colourful and bright showing my enthuasism, yet the image I keep coming back to  was taken of a warped fence leading futher into the wood, it wasn’t the best technically yet felt one of the strongest as it created questions in my mind. Where does it lead to? What would happen if you followed the path. The answer may be boring, it may lead to a compost heap, or a rubbish disposal unit and even though you know that, it’s only a small voice, the rest is like a magnetic pull. What does lie beyond.

Yesterday I experienced the same thing as I passed a path that was usually open to the public but was now fronted with a bolted fence. Why did it unsurface deep emotions and curiosity. I am not a rule breaker (well not really) yet knowing you weren’t supposed to go there unearthed such curiosity. I’ve decided throughout this course to photography bolted gates, padlocked places and areas of limit, just from a distance. Perhaps the viewer will also feel an intrigue of what lies beyond.

I will start by researching photographers who may have done similar projects.




Hi, I'm ChloeClik, artist, writer, photographer, musician, day dreamer and all round lover of life. I love so much in life and equally love to blog about it. I hope you enjoy sharing some of my adventures with me :)

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