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End of Part One + Physical learning log

I woke up today feeling al sorts of feelings, triumphant, that I had finally finished Assignment One, terrified because what if it wasn’t good enough, nervous because it was something different to what I’ve done but pleased because I’d stepped outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve made a list of what I’ve learned so far in Part One, what I will do differently in Part Two and some subjects to investigate.

First though, I have kept a physical sketchbook to accompany my learning log which can be viewed in the below slide show (I suddenly have an obsession with slide shows) I’ve found it essential to gathering my ideas and one can see how I’ve approached the assignment and how new information has influenced my studies.

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Some of what I have learned in Part One

  • I’ve learned how a landscape is not always a physical landscape
  • There is a lot more to a landscape than beautiful views.
  • Going outside your comfort zone is scary but like travelling to a new land, new opportunities arise that you would never have seen had you stuck to the same path
  • Fear can be a good thing when you can use it creatively
  • I am still a sensitive person but getting braver
  • The surface is just one level in study, the deeper you dive the more is uncovered that often doesn’t even reflect the initial interpretation of the surface.
  • Everyone is a philosopher trying to discover meaning. Yet there are times when you can be a watcher and just enjoy what has been created by greater forces.
  • I have learnt to ‘pervert the course to fit your practice and your ideas – this will help you develop thought streams that will run through the course and perhaps develop into assignments.” Steve Middlehurst 
  • There are many interpretations of one subject, the world is subjective, everyone thinks in a different way.
  • It can seem that art can be made a mockery of or see that anything can become art with some inspiration, imagination, understanding and alternative viewpoint.
  • The world would not be the place it is today without photography which has brought to the masses terrible and wonderful events enabling those people to get involved in something that may have lain under a blanket of mystery.
  • The world will be changed with photography, through shocking and subtle images.
    Photography can make people care about something they didn’t think they would (for instance inspiring an individual to help a cause etc)
  • “Where small is more important than big and when small becomes big and big becomes small then something magical happens. These are pictures taken with the heart. Mind and heart. They were not taken by the camera, they were taken by ‘this’ camera (the mind.” Franco Fontane.
  • “Photography is not the camera. Photography is the photographer.  When I take a landscape picture, it is the landscape that takes a self-portrait through me.” Franco Fontane.

Things I would have done differently 

  • Regarding As 6, Despite the confines of the garden, I should have used a tripod. Now I am not confident in the images lining up.
  • Whilst out of my control for As 1 (due to health, new treatment and a change of life) I will submit As 2 within the next two months.
  • I would have discovered the photography section of Apple News sooner, so many unique articles about photography and at.
  • I’d like to say I wouldn’t have changed my assignment idea so much but I feel it was the natural rhythm, it was meant to shift like this until I felt a connection to the assignment idea.
  • Stopped doubting myself and spend time thinking about how to improve rather than ‘am I good enough’
  • Researched more about how painting and photography have grown together.

Subjects I’d like to investigate further

  • Freud’s theory of the Uncanny
  • Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings, they fascinate me in their beautiful and drama.
  • Different mediums of art like dioramas.
  • Non-photographic forms of creating a landscape.
  • The Mythology of a landscape both through fables and modern myths.
  • Poetry
  • Visit some art galleries, photographic exhibitions. I have found an intersting local one depicting the social landscape of the beach and how it changes over just a few decades.


Hi, I'm ChloeClik, artist, writer, photographer, musician, day dreamer and all round lover of life. I love so much in life and equally love to blog about it. I hope you enjoy sharing some of my adventures with me :)

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